Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good morning

We were so tired and with the storms we lost connection to the channels we usually watch, so went to sleep early-but now I am wide awake lol

We had rain off and on yesterday, warm temps which is nice, but around 4 in the afternoon, a big t storm went thru with lots of rains and lightening and noise. It's quiet for now, but more on its ways for most of Monday and that evening too. So will probably not be online much.

With moving some furniture pieces around, going thru some boxes and such, our house is total caos, and needs a thorough cleaning as well. Our hunter friends will be coming down mid november again-we so enjoy their visit-so I have been in panic mode this weekend-and when that happens I get overwhelmed and don't get enough accomplished. Sinus and allergies with the changing weather is not helping either. Hoping to be able to get more accomplished this week. If nothing else at least get some things in order.

I am loving our room more and more. Sandy came over in the afternoon Sunday, and helped us hang some of Larry's hides-he has quite a collection from over the years. The boxes we are going thru now, we have not been able to open since our move in fall of 2003, so kinda like Christmas with surprises. We found a box of native american items that was made for us by a seminole friend, and we found the perfect place to hang them. Ran into the box with Larry's mountain man reenactment clothing and such. We got to thinking, if we could find a male mannequin-what a perfect way to display all these pieces. Most everything was handmade, hand beaded by Larry. He used to belong to a group that did this, and they taught kids about that era-many years ago now.

Any ideas on where to buy a reasonably priced mannequin? I am loving this idea more and more.

Oldtimer.jpg Mountain Man! image by Kanye86


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