Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Morning Tuesday

Another one of those dreary fall cold mornings here in the ozarks-and with rain too they say. It has been nice with the warmer temperatures and rain, so today will be a colder one.

Last night after supper I had to go online and pay bills. When I went to my insurance one-the site was not secure so decided I didn't want to pay that way. So I had to wait til they opened to pay by phone-not automated. I told her about her site not being secure, and she says Its not? Then she tells me well you know when you pay on the phone with me, then I manually go in online at the same site and put in the information. Not liking this idea, I say ok I will need to make a note to remember to pay thru the mail by check instead then. Then she is looking up my account and says well you know you paid this already in the beginning of the month-I did? lol

Did you ever get those days, when you don't remember what you did and where you going?? lol Now I can call them senior moments. giggling

We have been really involved with our bedroom project for about a month now, and also working hard at getting our wood in for the winter, and and but this stuff always bugs me when it happens-I need to start doing some brain exercises-giggling.

anyways, until our new mattress arrives we put the old one up on the bed frame, we made the foundation for it over the weekend. we put our collected furniture pieces on either side of the bed-wow do we ever feel spoiled lol-kinda like sleeping over in a hotel-

Yesterday while I was cleaning and waxing our furniture pieces, we also put together a couple hand quilting frames we had collected for me-to see which one we wanted to keep. I have never seen one of these up close and working, so good thing Larry is good at putting stuff together.

We settled on one that was an old Sears quilting frame that I had paid 3.00 for at a garage sale. We bought this from an older couple that was downsizing, and we also bought their compost tumbler too-which has really been nice to use. This one the frame tilts which will be nice, and can expand to 85" I am thinking I am going to need a few more inches, so we are going to see if we can buy 8 foot rods to expand the frame. I am very excited about this, as I can quilt in the evening in our new bedroom, while Larry watches tv after supper. Especially in the winter colder months, we will really enjoy this new room.

The other quilt frame we didn't like as much, didn't tilt, didn't seem as sturdy, and I didn't like the rails as they had sunken screws in them which I thought could still tear the quilt while it was on there. So that goes for sale at Bear. Then I found a third box with another quilt frame in it-had a price of 2.00 on it, so glad we didn't pay much for this one, as this one had parts missing, and a broken piece too-so that one we will toss. But we did save a piece that we can use to expand the bottom of the Sears quilt frame when we put in the expanded rails on top.

I will take some photos later when we have more things in place, but I found this one online which is ever similiar,except mine if much older and the bottom support rail is lower and a little different

So I am doing the happy dance for this progress. Larry also went thru some more boxes, tightened up the boxes in the hallway now, and we found more native american pieces-plates and such to hang.

Today I am going to finish up cleaning one of the furniture pieces, and then wow put clothes in a dresser-lol-what a concept after living out of boxes all this time-giggling.

I am off to get a fire going in the wood stove, make another pot of coffee-catch ya all later.

and don't forget this is Chicken Tuesdays! links on my previous blog post


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