Monday, October 5, 2009

Doings Here so Far

Do you ever get up with a plan for the day, start on something else-and that gets you side tracked?

It started out really cold in the house this morning, so couldn't do the stuff outside I wanted to get into yet. Sooo I am playing on the computer, drinking my coffee, even catch a movie.

Around 9-the sun is out no wind, not quite 50 yet, so still a little cool for my project. Well, I am thinking I need to carry in wood for the back woodstove so we will have that when we need it-especially towards the end of week when we will have a frost. also have alot of rain moving in this week-and I don't like wet wood for the wood stove.

Yikes-I never noticed what a mess around the wood stove. Larry is putting up rocks and rock shelves on those walls-so mortar stuff all over, and I need to get the cast iron out of this room before we start working on the ceilings and walls.

That has turned into a project for the whole morning-lol and now its gorgeous out and I need to get outside. thats ok as this really needed to get done.

The cast iron is heavy and we have alot of it, found a corner in the living room where I can store it till the bedroom is done, and Larry has all the rock up. Thats where we are going to put most of the cast iron-I think it will fit right in on the big hearth and around the wood stove, and some on the shelves he is putting into the rock as well.

Now I am thinking we are missing some pieces, so must still be some outside somewheres.

A little quick lunch as I can't believe it; the day is almost over-almost 1 in the afternoon.

time flys fast some days-later


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