Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brrrrrr is it ever Chilly here this Morning (a couple photos too)

We are not in the "groove" yet of filling the woodstoves, so waking up to the mid 30s-the house is very chilly.

We still have thick fog, but the sun is breaking thru finally. I think I need to cook me up us hot grits-lol to get warmed up

I just finished doing all the cutting for my men's quilts this morning. I have 3 quilts cut out now, using shirts and woodsy fabrics.

HPIM2546.jpg picture by kathyinozarks

HPIM2547.jpg picture by kathyinozarks

We had the computer turned off quite a bit during the storms and I forgot I took a couple of photos of the rains. Most of them turned out way too dark, but I did have a couple that turned out.

HPIM2540.jpg picture by kathyinozarks

HPIM2543.jpg picture by kathyinozarks

Yesterday we decided to get out of the house and go "bumming" hehe We went with Sandy and enjoyed a nice morning. It was still raining til about 10 am or so, before it finally started to move out of here. We went to our favorite resale shop, found a new flea market to check out, and enjoyed the views as the trees are just beginning to really turn colors now, and we ended up at the amish store we like. I found a bag of toasted corn flour-thought that work out nice for fish or chicken.

I will be helping Larry with the work in our back room this weekend, still have a few more things to get out of there so he can finish sanding and then get into the stucco stuff. I just may even start back on the rock shower project-lol-and tomorrow there's football-

Enjoy your weekend my friends


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