Monday, September 28, 2009

Two Quilt Books Just Arrived in the Mail

I am really happy with this purchase, I belong to a flea market for quilters on yahoo groups; I am always looking for certain titles of books.

I am really happy to have been able to pick up Liberated String Quilts by Marston, a great book for skinny scraps of fabric. This one is out of print and demands a high price, I got it for 15.00-check it out here on amazon books this link will let you look inside the book.

The other book I have been wanting to find is Landscape Quilts by Zieman and Sewell. This one looks like their first one on this subject. Sandy will like this book too. I would love to recreate a scene in our woods, perhaps the dogwoods. I got this one 5.00-can check this one out here on amazon books and can look inside the book too.

I am off to check my laundry blowing in the high winds and sun today-and to look thru my books again too


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