Friday, September 4, 2009

The Rains Have Arrived-My Resale Shop Finds Today

Sandy and I always have such a fun day on our bi-weekly "Girls Day Out" The weather was pleasant and overcast a nice day out, at our last stop after lunch the rains came and came, and its still raining now. They said we would get lots of rain once it arrives. We can use some rainfall again, as things were getting pretty dry, but lots of rain we can do without.

Our new favorite lunch spot is a mexican restuarant with excellent food choices, always consistant, and the best part for me, depending on what I choose to eat my lunch ticket is 5 to $6.00 I love that.

I did really well on my re sale shop finds. I found 3 xxl large long sleeve cotton shirts for my quilt projects-cotton threads from Paris France-I think that will work out for needle punch projects-those were marked down 80% so paid $.60 for that whole lot of threads, neat belts I can use on my market bag creations-those were all at 80% off too-so paid $.50 each for those, and my main find was this beautiful grape leaf shaped plate from Japan-that was still there and had just gotton marked down 50% so was able to pick that up for $5.25, Sandy and I have been watching that plate for the last 6 weeks. and I love this little bowl I picked up-another find at 80% off and from Japan. I have been picking up pretty little bowls and plates to serve veggies and stuff in at dinner time.

So was a great day out with my best friend.

51709640.jpg picture by kathyinozarks

I just fell in love with this shirt on the right-very high quality, the fabric feels like quilt store quality fabric-, very soft, and this was a big xxl shirt; so I "splurged" and paid $2.00 which is high for me, as my top price is usually a dollar for these-but this also looked like it had never been worn. I also picked up a third shirt which is hiding.

51709638.jpg picture by kathyinozarks

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