Monday, September 14, 2009

My Day

This was my 3rd prize gift from the American Quilters Society that came in the mail today: this is beyond my expertise at the moment, but anxious to read thru it and see what I can learn. Sandy will enjoy reading thru this book too. It is very advanced but gorgeous applique work, I think I saw some ribbon embroidery in the book too.

So wow that was cool to win something again-lol I had entered their giveaway to the Des Moines Ia quilt show-would have been an all expense paid trip, and then the other prizes were quilting items.

With friend Sandy's help and the trailor Larry built that dumps the wood out, instead of having to throw it off the trailor-we are getting lots of wood split and hauled. We finished up another load that Larry worked on by himself the last few days, and the three of us filled another load to the top. We are thinking we have dumped 5 to 6 loads now. The weather has just been so perfect too for this project, coolish, cloudy-overcast, and usually a little breeze too, although today no breeze. a good feeling getting the winter's wood in.

The weatherman keeps telling us rain is moving in, so I haven't started on the stain project for the outside of the house yet-still no rain. They are saying now rain tonight and the next couple of days-

Yesterday I told Larry I didn't want him working hard, Larry never takes a day off for himself, so he worked on the wood in the morning, came in had lunch and then slept the rest of the day and evening. For me-it was a Sunday full of football!

I love watching my football teams, and with yesterday being free for Sunday Ticket, I got to watch the Vikings with my favortie qb Brett Favre in HD and they won, and then the Sunday night football game was the Green Bay Packers V the Chicago Bears also in HD. The Bears are all excited because they have this new and great quarterback that will bring them victory for sure. Well, he must have been nervous or all wound up as he was throwing the ball everywheres except to his recievers. I also didn't think the Packers looked all the great, and they were bragging them up and how much better thier qb Rodgers was then Favre-well I got bored, the Bears were ahead and I fell asleep and missed the last 10 minutes; Which turned out to be good football and the Packers won.

So both my teams won -and that made me happy-lol

Today is our week to drop off stuff to sell at the resale shop we go to-so I got a box crammed full of all sorts of cool stuff to sell-and get out of the house. Sandy and I are on a mission to get rid of stuff we don't use any more. I have such a hard time with this, but I also have two big bags of clothes to give away to charity too.

I am off to recuperate from the days work, and read my new book.


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