Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Day Today

It's definately one of those fall days here in the ozarks.

Storms all night long, and today no rain, but misty, cloudy, in the 60s, even kinda erie outside-as the air is still, very humid-like something is going to happen weather wise.

I called my Mom first thing this morning, she is actually more socially active than I am, and was gone yesterday: we ended up talking over 2 1/2 hours. lol That's too much talking at one time for me, but was nice to catch up, and hear of her next quilting projects, and such.

After I took Nikita for her morning walk, I really didn't feel like doing anything constructive. My shoulder is still really bad-I forgot all about taking care of my shoulder as I have to for my back now-I over worked the right shoulder with all that painting and lifting wood. So, I read a little, and Larry tackled more of the computer issues.

Then I decided to start cutting out the pieces I need for the two quilts I want to make for our Wisconsin friends that come down hunting every November. So I have been pressing the pieces I already took apart from the mens shirts, and then cutting. Giving my shoulder another workout-but better to keep it doing stuff to work out the soreness.

I posted this before probably under healthy mondays or green living posts this year, but I will be following that Turning 20 pattern-goes fast, big pieces, and really works out well for these "faster" quilts. The pattern calls for 20 fat quarters so I am starting out with 10 different shirts and then will go thru my woodsy fabrics for the other 10 pieces. If I don't have enough fabrics will go back to the shirts. I am always amazed when I first start working the shirts again, how very soft and comfy they are.

Also wanted to repost the link to Quiltville, I bought her first book, this designer offers many free patterns and how to's on her site. She pretty much exclusivley uses reclaimed men's shirts and men's pjs that are 100% cottons for all of her amazing quilts. It was from her shirt buying tips that I learned to pretty much stick with buying mens xxl size-much more fabric in those, and all shirt sizes usually sell for the same prices.

I think I am going to make an easy supper tonight; I bought a new flavor of classico sauce that has cheeses and spinach mixed in with the spaghetti sauce so will try that out tonight.

We are off to get our yearly flu shot tomorrow morning, here in Missouri they are free at the Health Department. I have not decided about taking the swine flu shot yet though.

Off to cut more fabric


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