Saturday, September 5, 2009

Making up a Couple Big Bottles of Vanilla Extract

vanilla1.jpg My bottle of vanilla extract image by bellissima9902

I found this nice photo online.

I made up 2 big bottles this time, the bottle I am using has less than 1/3 left of my extract, and it was dated 2007-so it is just fabulous now.

I bought the vanilla beans over a year ago I think now, oh my, and just now getting around to making up a couple batches. This is best if it can set for a few months-I like 6 months best. With baking season coming soon, this has been on my mind to make.

My recipe is:

Vanilla Extract

multiply this up to fill the size bottle you want to, I like the vodka bottles with nice cork-glass tops on them

1 whole vanilla bean-split

3 ounces vodka

1/2 teaspoon sugar

Place one split vanilla bean, vodka, sugar, into your container. I flip the bottle top to bottom-to mix the sugar-hold on to the top-lol.

if giving for gifts, may strain the bean out, but I keep my beans in the bottles, and I also just keep adding vanilla beans to the original bottle-lots of flavor.

I found this nice blog entry

and another blog with tutorial and photos

I haven't bought vanilla extract now for probably at least 10 years or more


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