Sunday, September 27, 2009

Looking for Recipe for the Batter for Mushrooms-than can be Frozen

Larry was talking with a friend that also collected alot of coral mushrooms-they are very plentiful this year.

He said they already froze 3 gallons of them. What they did was make a batter for deep fat frying-dipped the mushrooms in the batter-then set on cookie sheets indivually and placed in the freezer. When totally frozen they put them in freezer bags.

Said works out perfectly to take out what you need and fry up.

Thought I would try this, can always change to gluten free ingredients for the recipe, would like one with no beer-think would freeze better. any ideas? I don't fry much, but thought it would be a nice treat when our hunters come down in November I have not found a recipe I like online yet.

thank you ahead of time


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