Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I think I'm all "Peared" Out-lol

I had another long day with the pears-but am caught up now. These were really full boxes, at least a full bushel each opposed to the boxes of peachs that are 3/4 a bushel. I am pretty fast at peeling the fruit-but it really really got to my lower back, and right shoulder this time.

I am always happy with the end product though. So all the work is worth it to me.

I got another 9 pints of the pears canned. I also did an 8 pint batch of cinnamon pears. I didn't want the red food color in there-just natural. To my light organic sugar syrup, I added alot of sticks of cinnamon, and I also added a whole orange of peel. It tasted really nice, not too sweet, good cinnamon taste, and a hint of the orange, anxious to taste these. I canned these with just the syrup; left the cinnamon sticks and orange peel out of the jars-they would get too strong in there otherwise.

I also filled up the second dehydrator. My dryers are 9 large trays each, so they hold alot of fruit. I really like my own dried pears, peaches, and apples because they are just the fruit-no sulfur added to them or anything else.

Remember those fruit brandys I made last year? peach, apple and blackberry? we really enjoyed those, and actually they should be really good this winter as they will be over a year old now. Well I decided to make up a batch of Pear brandy. I used 2 cups of vodka, 2 cups of light wine, 2 cups of sugar, about 8 pears-core, and slice with the peels still on, I also added a sliced orange, and I had about a cup left over of the cinnamon syrup with the peel and cinnamon sticks-so dumped that in there too. The recipe called for cinnamon, allspice and cloves but decided I didn't want all that spice in there. So this will sit 2 weeks or longer-strain-and put in bottles.

The last of the pearss I filled up the fruit drawer in the frig., so may put one more batch in the dehydrator tomorrow, save some for eating-love them fresh, maybe a pie.

Last night I was too sick to cook, so tonight I grilled salmon with fresh olive oil and fresh picked rosemary, I also grilled with olive and herbs some romaine lettuce-very good. But tonight Larry was too sick to eat-he hurt himself somehow-in alot of pain-thinks he strained some muscles. We ruled out hernia-but he still won't go to the doctor to get checked out.

I just got a call tonight that one of our neighbors wants to give me a gallon of jalapenos-I think I will just throw those in the freezer for now.


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