Thursday, September 24, 2009

Herbs for Thursdays

I do miss reading the different posts on herbs on thursdays, but right now I don't miss doing all the research each week, especially when the participation so dropped off.

Sea and I had been doing this for a couple years now-carried over from 360-so after awhile it must have gotton to be boring reading or just alwyas there-so not as interesting for our readers.

Anyways, it is still gloomy and rainy here-the sun promises to shine again tomorrow sometime. Got thinking of fall, and gardens, and my goldenrod dye project I want to do on cotton soon, and well that got me to thinking of herbs. I really love learning all about the herbs.

1080257EHerb252DDisplay252D1252DPos.jpg Herbs image by gypsyschoolofmagick

Planting in the fall for spring herbs:

Planting herb seeds in the fall excellent article on which seeds to plant

another good article on what to plant in the fall

growing herbs in texas this is a beautiful article for those of you in Texas-MamaBear this is for you lol

one more excellent article


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