Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Sunday Friends-The Rains Arrived

The rains finally arrived late yesterday afternoon, one of those soaker rains, we ended up with 2 inches-per Sandys rain gauge. I painted a little on the house so hoping the rains didn't hurt it, was a straight gentle rain with no wind-so should be good.

Aches and pains big time last night and still this morning-my body has had quite a physical workout this week. I ended up sleeping in til 7 am this morning, and Larry was at the computer. He said he got up and stayed up all night re formating the computer. Has alot of it back in, but we are still locked out of our regular emails. He is off to have coffee with a friend this morning and then hopefully get some sleep. We will probably have more rain coming in so a good sleep day.

I am working on catching up with the laundry, and this afternoon helping Sandy with her quilt she is making for her mother in law. Maybe take more of the basting out of that one I am redoing too.

Enjoy your Sunday and have a wonderful New Week ahead.

rain.jpg It's raining image by Jeanny_08


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