Monday, September 21, 2009

Before all the Rains Return

Later on tonight, we are to get rain storms coming thru the ozarks; probably last a couple of days.

So, since I did alot of physical labor most of last week, I am catching up on the domestic chores-lol-very humid today but the sun is mostly out and there is a nice breeze, so as I do the laundry-I am hanging most of it outside on the line-I love that-saves money on the gas dryer, and I love sun dried clothing.

A neighbor gave us a few acorn squash and I bought a pie pumpkin, so I may put all those in the oven and bake, or not sure, may do them all on the grill-again saves on the propane gas and keeps the heat outdoors.

Haven't done any fun sewing or quilting projects lately, trying to stay focused on the work that needs to get done around the house. I have a couple quilts in mind I want to make, an 1830s quilt with applique, ozarks troubles, several men quilts for gifts-which I can use alot of my reclaimed cotton shirts for, and am anxious to see the pumpkin pattern I won, as I have hand dyed in the past several pumpkin-oranges on kona cotton and muslin cottons that may work for that quilt. That would be neat if I could use all my hand dyes for that project-I have enough colors for that I think.

What are you all doing to enjoy autumn, indian summer, and getting ready for the coming winter months?


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