Saturday, August 15, 2009

Slideshow of our Creative Day

This was a nice day, and fun! We got everything set up-tables and such by 9:30 am and finished up around 3:30 in the afternoon.

We didn't get to the crayons-thank you Sousonne for all the information, we will be ready for those next time.

I prewashed everything in a special pre dye soap and chose muslins, white and unbleached, rayons, some pieces I had just rust dyed, some odd little cotton scraps I had too, Sandy worked with white muslin, and unbleached muslin.

We played with the Setacolor paints I picked up for the 5.00 by Pebeco. They are meant to be in the sun to work, or sun lamps have to be used if doing inside. At first I was worried we were not going to have enough sun, but when it did come out it stayed most of the afternoon. We also had just enough breeze to make it nice, and was in the high 80s and not the 90s which was good too.

I have done a little natural dying, and also have done quite a few pieces now dyed with the acid dyes, but have never tried anything like this. The results are immediate almost, not like having to wait 24 hours to set with the acid dyes, and then still have to wait for final results after going thru all the rinising and the wash cycle.

With this process, once you lay on the stencils over the wait paint-when the fabric is almost dry-you see the results. I think our best pieces were the first couple we each did. We also tried a new technique-using salt. The finer salt makes the colors run-especially if you spray water over the salt-I kept forgetting to do this. If you don't spray it with water than you get more of a dot effect on the fabric instead of the "running" Sandy's pieces were just wonderful with this technique.

Another thing we learned is the leaves worked great, and the plastic stencils worked great, but the fabric crochet pieces we used as stencils were so so-Sandy decided the wet fabric on wet fabric was too much and took away from the stencil. So now we will be on the lookout for plastic crochet looking pieces.

I made a little slideshow so I could share alot of photos-I will pick out a couple and show them off in the next blog just as photos.

This paint was wonderful-water based-so very easy clean up. To set these we need to iron well and then wash. Alot our pieces will be cut up for quilting, maybe a little pillow with more embelishments, postcards, little bags etc.


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