Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rust Dye Slideshow

I did a little slideshow so I could show alot of the photos. These are off the line now and dry.

I need to decide which ones I like as is, and which ones for another day of rust dye, and which ones to add paint or melted in the crayons to.

Some of them did not take up alot of the rust dye, a few got too much of the rust-is always a surprise.

These were mostly all 100% cotton samples for interior decorators. I washed them first in synthropol to prepare it for dye, and the rinsed with clear cool water.

Some of the small narrow pieces were silks and rayons that I had saved for a crazy quilt. These took up the rust really well-just can't see it in these slides-shows up now that they are dry.

I then made a 50-50 solution of white vinegar and cool water and soaked the fabric in that til I wrapped them in the very rusty objects-placed in the bags and sealed.

This project works best on a clear sunny, very hot day-like over 90 degrees. This only took about 5 hours today, usually they say it takes 24 hours.

To stop the rust process on the fabric rinse well in salt water, I just threw in a big handfull of salt. then dryed on the line.

What will I do with these you ask? lol most will get more embelishments-paints, stamping, stenciling perhaps, than embroidered, some beads, maybe some needle felting, quilting-then will end up in postcards, little pillows, little bags and such.


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