Sunday, August 2, 2009

Peaches Update

Well, I didn't get as much done as I figured-as I wanted to have all the peaches finished up-lol

I ended up with 16 more pints canned, and I emptied out the dehydrator but didn't refill it, I will do that tomorrow.

Oh and my bread too-which we really enjoyed.

I did also cook down all those peels. My recipe said to cook til smooth and then put in a blender or processer. So I cooked them all afternoon, cooled it down and just now blended it up. (the recipe did not mention how much water to put in) The recipe said you would end up with a sauce-like a applesauce-only peachsauce or pearsauce or whatever.

The taste is amazingly good, but I had too much water in there, so is more like a thick puree, but not thick enough to be a "sauce" I think what I am going to do, is freeze this up in quarts and use it in my health drinks, homemade ice cream, and things like that. I was surprised at the intense flavor.

I was choosy on the peels used, since I knew I would be eating it-so didn't use any bad spots or blemishes, and washed the peaches too.

On my internet search I only found jelly recipes-which would be straining off the liquid and throwing away the peels. and to make jelly you need to you add lots of sugar-which we can't use. This method does use all the peel, and I added no extra sugars-so healthy for us too.

Neat idea, I will make a note of what I did, for next time


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