Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Container Gardening Review

Early this spring I set up an album for my first attempt with gardening in containers I didn't keep the photos as updated as I had hoped, but you can see what size containers I used, and some of the veggies.

Would I do this again? Yes I would.

It was fun, easier gardening for my back, and also easier for me to handle with the weather conditions here. Although this was the coldest July on record since 1967, it was perfect for gardens even though we got too much rain at times.

The deer did not find my little garden this year, and if they did, they didn't bother anything-lol Now next year or the following year may tell a different story. It took them 3 years to start coming into my main garden and then eating everything in

What would I do differently? I definitely realized alot of my containers were too small-not deep enough.

I grew two pepper plants in what I thought were big enough and wide enough containers, but they were always too dry even with all the un normal rainfall we got. I believe for here especially that the containers need to be two bushels deep -even more would not hurt. The one photo where you can see the big wicker basket that had the roma tomatoes in-that is the perfect size container for any bush type veggie.

I did very well with pole beans too, and veggies that climb or are vining. I did very well with summer squash, japanese cucumbers, pole beans, peas, and such.

Very fun project, Larry was quite surprised at the amount of food available for the table.


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