Sunday, August 9, 2009

I think Margaritas Sound Good About Now

It is so hot here with that high humidity-in the 100's that it just really seems to drag me down.

I have been agitated about everything lately too-bad neighbors, little dramas here on my page-I guess just people in general. I don't usually let stuff bother me-so I guess I will blame it on this hot weather-lol

Yesterday I went thru some 100% cotton samples that interior designers use, and washed them up to prepare for dye projects. Some of them had so much glue on the back from the lable-that even after soaking in vingegar water for hours still didn't get all of it off.

I decided since the weather is perfect-hot and humid-I would play with some rust dyeing-see my home page and hit videos and you will see how I did it last time. I did some more reading, and one thing I learned that alot of rust dyers do is put the wrapped fabric into plastic bags in the sun-this keeps the fabric from drying out in the hot sun. This was a big problem when I did this last time. Sooo, thats what I just did.

I brought back some rusty objects I found around the barns when we visited my Mom, so did some with those, and then I have a nice basket full of little rustty stuffs I found here-so did a bunch of those too.

Thinking these could be fun to overdye with paint or crayons on our "art day"

These samples I am using were all for draperies, interior uses, so they all have a scotch guard on them. I needed to test them out a bit too and see if the pre dye wash worked to get that out of the fabric.

I have been wanting to make a lemon meringue pie from scratch but just can't get to it-told Larry margaritas are definately in order right now instead-turned on a movie on the Hallmark channel and will just relax a bit-try to de stress my mind-lol

Here is a link to someones photos on flicker that did rust dye


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