Friday, August 28, 2009

I'll be Busy Canning and Dehydrating Soon

51709605.jpg picture by kathyinozarks

I got a call from the amish store this morning that the bartlett pears were in. I was so happy to get the call cause I missed getting signed up, and the girl told me she would put me down on the list in case of extras coming in or cancelations.

I called back and said I would love to have 2 boxes of pears if they had an extra. He said he wasn't sure yet. When we got there they had me down for 2-yeh! This will can up alot, and fill the dehydrators too, plus some eating. Glad they are not ripe yet, so will give me time to wash up a bunch of jars. These are alot smaller in size than last years pears, but that's ok

I love canning up peaches and pears in pints for the winter, such a nice treat for a snack in the evening or for dessert.

Larry went to the saw mill where we always go, as he needed some more cherry and hickory for my kitchen cabinets. We were in luck as he had alot of seconds he wanted to sell. We also picked up a little more walnut so we would be sure to have enough for the living room floor. We filled the back of the pick up for $60.00-Larry got him down from a deal of $100.00 for the load to a really good deal that we could afford. We only buy now from this one amish family, so he takes good care of us.

Looks like the sun is not going to shine today, but thats ok, we always welcome the rains for the cool downs and to fill up the ponds.

Now I better get the vacum out and start cleaning, the day is half over already-lol


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