Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Larry rarely takes a day off for himself, just to enjoy the day and de stress. When we had morning coffee with a new friend (I had him over for dinner a couple weeks ago) he said he was planning on going to Springfield, looking at some "guy" stuff and maybe stop in at the fair. I told Larry-you should go with-if you would like company?

So thats what Larry is doing today, however we are back into normal weather for this area which is high humidity and mid 90s for temps. and Larry was up all night not sleeping.

Larry trys to be a neighbor, and gets so down when it doesn't work out. I hope they have a good day. Sandy and I will have our day "out" tomorrow-taking in another big bag to sell at the resale shop and then checking out our favorite two resale shops for crafts etc. and going out to lunch is always a treat too.

I am hoping to get another dehydrator full of peaches this morning, and then perhaps make a pie with a few peaches that will be left, besides a keeping some to eat fresh-which is always a treat for us too.

The one friend we know here always has extra in his garden, and he called us up yesterday telling us he was over loaded with green beans. Wow! was he ever-never saw so m any green beans all at once. So I froze a bunch last night, and have another big batch I will prepare and freeze and label for soups or cooked with ham. I was going to can them, but I really don't like canned beans so I think I will just freeze those too. I had so many that he gave us, that I shared a big bag for a neighbor that could really use the food-so worked out good.

See the good in your day today-hugs


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