Saturday, August 15, 2009

Creativity Day

Today promises to be one of the last sunnier days for awhile as cooler temps (80s) and lots of rain are moving in. So we picked a good day for this.

I am washing up some more fabrics-mostly muslins-in a predye wash, and then we will decide on how to "paint" it. I am bringing along lots of stamps, pressed leaves, other textures too like old lace pieces, onion bags, etc. and different paints-oil paints, pebeco paints for fabric.

I still have not found information on using crayons-there is suppose to be a way to shave them on to the fabric and then they will melt into the fabric-I have read articles on doing this on parchment paper to get a stainglass effect piece, but can't find anything for fabric for this techniqe-so we will be experimenting with that too. If any of you have played with crayons on fabric please advise.

I found this article online about a workshop-and I was thinking of doing a similiar technique too.;col1

some more information too I found: 10 tips turn your acrylics into fabric paint stamping with stamps or palnt material on fabric-definately doing this today

setacolor sun painting definately looking forward to this technique with the pebeco paints

Sun Painting With Salt

Wish you could join us today!-will be back later on with photos


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