Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Coffee Recommender from friend Sea Nymph

This was a cool quiz

I had two answers for one of the questions so I did it twice, and got the same results. This fit me as we love the darkest roasts of coffee.

Your Flavor Profile: Smoky & Robust

Your preference in marshmallows suggests that you like...
A darker roasted quality. Deep, smokey caramel and hints of syrupy-ness.

Your preference in fruit suggests that you like...
Sweet and rich flavors with a bare hint of brightness

Your preference in wine suggests that you like...
Fruity, pure flavors with a moderate body

Your preference in alcohol suggests that you like...
Searching for nuance among heavier, oakier, and peaty flavors.

Here are coffees that match your flavor profile.


Dark Roast Sampler

For the Smokey & Robust flavor profile and includes Mahogany, Obsidian and French Roast.


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