Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yikes Copperhead Snake

Now I know I can jump fast when I have to-lol

Such a cool morning with no sun,so I decided to work on trimming and getting rid of some growth around the propane gas tank and our pump house. The tank needs a new paint job this fall, and we need to do work on the pump house-so need to get all that stuff cleared away good-and then I will spray with a weed killer real well too on the stuff I didn't get out.

photo from online-not mine

Well, I had been working for almost 2 hours which is actually a little long for me on one project (carpal tunnel etc) and I stand up, get ready to pick up the brush I just cut and to put in the wheel barrel-when I look down and I am circled by the above. Yikes!! So I jumped over it and I yell to Larry who is outside working at his building-well by that time the copperhead is gone-these snakes move so fast.

I probably startled him as well, and actually good that autumn was not real close or it might have killed him. Larry says never jump over a snake-and I said well I didn't have much choice with it circled around my feet. Oh he says in surprise-lol

I am not one for just killing a snake for no reason, as I believe I live in the woods with the critters by choice, so I share the land with them, but when it comes to a poisonous one up by the house-now thats a different story. whew!!


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