Friday, July 17, 2009

New Quilt I want to Make

The quilt and pattern I want to make comes from Lewis & Clark Volume two by Terry Clothier Thompson. You can see the book here

Alot of the projects in these two books are her interpretations of the era, however I first saw this quilt in the book: America's Printed Fabrics 1770-1890 by Barbara Brackman.

This quilt is an antique quilt found in Maine, estimated date 1830-1850 that is in the collection of Terry Clothier Thompson.

In Brackman's book the photo was small, and I am thinking "I need to blow this up and figure out how to make it." It was made during the time period I was interested in as well.

I then took out my Lewis and Clark books by Thompson and there it was with the pattern-Yeh! I was so thrilled.

Thompson named it Fleur D'Lis and will be 82 1/2 by 82 /1/2 inches She suggests collecting reproduction fabrics in this time period of browns, blues, reds, dark gold, brownish purples, greens and sweet pinks. but to avoid black and bright pink. also to chose small and medium printed calico, chintz, plaid, and shaded colors not pastels. The little iris petals in the corners of each block are made of the same fabric that the middle square block is in each block-and these will be appliqued.

I have not tried needle turn applique yet, these pieces are simple, so looking forward to learning that technique with this quilt.

So I am excited about this project-I have all my fabrics now, and for background will use a natural kona cotton. I was definately excited to find these pieces I bought on sale for 3.00 a yard opposed to the 9.00 to 15.00 a yard they go for in the quilt stores. I found my reproduction fabrics here an excellent online only store with very good customer service.

I won't start this one til winter probably


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