Saturday, July 25, 2009


Do you get along with your neighbors? Do you expect too much out of them?

When you live in a rural area, sometimes one needs to have good neighbors to depend on. One problem though especially in a very rural area, if you are not born and raised in that area-you are never really accepted by your neighbors.

Larry and I have always been "loners", we always worked so many hours that we didn't have time to have alot of friends. However we always had a handful of friends that we considered "family" and those were friends we could depend on in crisis or emergency situations.

We have now just a couple people we consider really good friends, others we are finding out-mostly just recently-that we were never really accepted into their group of friends-they just "played" along like they were our friends.

This doesn't bother me a whole lot, Larry and I have always just depended on each other, in the end it really is just the two of us surviving in this world together. But, at this stage in our lives-it does make me feel very alone sometimes.

I would never regret moving here-I love our little piece in the world, this is a beautiful place in the woods-but good neighbors sometimes are needed, however they can be such a huge downer at times as well.

as one of my 360 friends (whom I have lost contact with) used to always say-"Such is the way of it"

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