Saturday, July 25, 2009

Making Pizza Tomorrow

I haven't made my pizza for awhile now, so thinking of making it tomorrow and maybe on the grill as well. It comes out really good on the grill.

I posted it once before Kathys almost famous pizza back on 360 in 2006. I just discovered that none of my photos transferred over with the closing of yahoo. I transfered all my blog posts to multiply when I first moved here. Before if you clicked on the x the photo would load, now it tells me 360 is closed-so now don't know if that means all my posts will dissappear too-will have to wait and see what happens. They posted a new date to delete everything sometime in august.

My recipe says it is gluten free-I am one of the lucky ones and can use spelt flour to replace wheat as long as I don't overdo it and not every day. Spelt does have some gluten-but way less that wheat-and in the recipe I handle the dough differently so you will get a nice rise from it.

I am not a bread eater, so I don't get flour in my diet on a daily basis anyways. If you can tolerate spelt-alot of people can-this is just the best pizza crust.

When I do it on the grill-I either do it in a really big iron skillet, or on lots of foil-I bake the dough first til almost done and then add all the toppings and just watch it til all the cheese melts good. You may need to flip over the dough as well to make sure baked thru-just depends on your grill. The flavor is just awesome.

I found this photo on photobucket-yummy!

CIMG1578.jpg Another Pizza on the Kettle Grill image by WildPig10


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