Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Healthcare Debate on C Span

I was taking a break this afternoon and looking for something to watch for an hour-not a thing on, so I go to C Span in the House to see what is going on, as I knew the Healthcare plan was on that floor.

This is excellent to listen to. The Republicans have unlimited time on the floor for a minute each. Quite an eye opener-and I am so glad to finally hear our representatives call this new "reform" socialized medicine-a total government take over.

One even said our forefathers came here from Europe because they wanted their freedoms. This will be a total government take over of our Healthcare. We will have no choices if we have healthcare already-as there are things in this bill that will eventually destroy the public healthcare system as we know it today.

The worse thing is the President wants this rushed thru with no time for the representatives to read and understand this bill as written, or to go home and talk it over in town meetings. Doesn't matter if you are a democrat, republican, independent-you must inform them-you don't want this rushed thru without knowing what they are doing.

This bill will destroy most small business's as they will not be able to afford the insurance or the penalty taxes this bill will issue.

I don't want the government telling my doctor how to treat me-do you???

If you have C span and care about our freedoms-turn it on.


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