Friday, March 6, 2009

Gorgeous Day Today Here in the Ozarks

I am sure hoping spring is really just around the corner, it has been a long cold winter for me this year.
Woke up to 60 degrees early this morning, which is wonderful when you heat only with wood-don't have to wake up to the cold air in the house. I looked out our bay window and saw a lone deer browsing thru the back, just in front of the woods line, and just now a robin hopping around in the back yard. I also heard the peepers for the first time at the pond this morning before dawn. Love this time of year.
I have been working on quilts, a little bit of rocks in the shower (need to do more collecting of those) and researching the mordant process of cotton fabric for natural dyes.
I have learned quite a bit, now I am on the hunt for an out of print book.If anyone reading this should have a copy and no longer wants it, please contact me as I want to buy this book to use. Gill Dalby is the author published by ashill in 1985 Natural Dyes, Fast or Fugitive ISNB0948020008 please contact me privately.
I am really anxious to dye up some quilting fabric this year with found materials here in my woods.
that's it for now-I am off to my quilting project for now and then later a walk in the woods with my pets


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