Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun with my Friend

I really don't get "out" much, as I enjoy just staying in my little part of the woods, and working on my various projects and crafts.
However, it is fun at times to go visit a city and do a little shopping.
Yesterday, we went to our citywide garage sale at the civic center and I usually find neat items for my crafts or little vintage goodies for our home.
Thought I would share some of my "finds" the first item was 2- two yard cuts of Pendelton wool that had a receipt included; purchased from Pendelton for 10.00 a yard in 1986-a gorgeous piece of wool thinking of using this for batting in one of my upcoming mens quilts I am making. Also picked up new stamps for little of nothing, and several finds of quilting fabric-even several yards of a white cotton-perfect for my natural dye projects. A pack of vintage needles from England, a vintage embroidered linen, a little tin of buttons, and hubby picked up for me a usa made fish cast iron pan-will be fun to make cornbread in, and this peeps mold too-fun for pouring chocolates.
The day before my friend and I drove an hour away to a large city to do some errands, and we shopped in a couple quilting fabric stores. We found gorgeous fabric for her next quilt project.
and saturday afternoon my much awaited ordered book arrived. This was purchased as advice to do so to learn recipes of mordanting cottons for natural dyes. The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing by Liles. thank you so much for that-anxious to read this now


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