Friday, March 13, 2009

Brrrrr Still so Cold Here in the Ozarks

Still low 20s when we wake up here in the ozarks this week, they are promising the 70s will return on Monday-I am so ready for warm weather to just stay around for awhile. For some reason I have just been cold this winter.
Wanted to share my next quilting project-probably won't start on it til the summer, as hubby is on a mission to get more completed in our home which is a good thing-So I will be working on the bathroom project again as soon as it warms up.
My neighbor and friend down the road here and I discovered a new little quilt shop in town-very very tiny-but she carries quality quilt fabrics and over half the price. She can do this because these fabrics are not the latest and newest by moda and all those, but older prints-which is a nice thing for me as I can not afford on a regular basis quilt store prices at 7.00 and up a yard.
Anyways I went in the store mostly to find a couple more pieces that were outdoorsy and for guy quilts-I have 3 of those I would like to make this year for gifts. and I was on the lookout for fabrics that would blend in nicely with my shirtings.
Above pictures is what I found-and I place them on top of some shirting I might use. When I first bought the fabric I didn't know what I wanted to make so I bought 3 yards of the flowers and 2 yards of the cloud type fabric. When I got home I went thru some patterns I saved and also in books. and I decided on on Kansas Troubles a block that is in a book that my friend Kim gave me, and that she also made for her and renamed Buffalo Troubles.
I need to progress with my quilting so I decided on this block. Will use the shirtings for all those hsts. The name of my quilt will be Ozarks Troubles I did need to buy more fabric, and when we went back yesterday she had 3 yards left-lucky me!
Sorry I have not figured out how to put a link in here that you can use but here is a site with a view of the quilt block
I am off now to finish sewing up the binding on a quilt I am making for a neighbor

Enjoy your upcoming weekend


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