Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun with my Friend

I really don't get "out" much, as I enjoy just staying in my little part of the woods, and working on my various projects and crafts.
However, it is fun at times to go visit a city and do a little shopping.
Yesterday, we went to our citywide garage sale at the civic center and I usually find neat items for my crafts or little vintage goodies for our home.
Thought I would share some of my "finds" the first item was 2- two yard cuts of Pendelton wool that had a receipt included; purchased from Pendelton for 10.00 a yard in 1986-a gorgeous piece of wool thinking of using this for batting in one of my upcoming mens quilts I am making. Also picked up new stamps for little of nothing, and several finds of quilting fabric-even several yards of a white cotton-perfect for my natural dye projects. A pack of vintage needles from England, a vintage embroidered linen, a little tin of buttons, and hubby picked up for me a usa made fish cast iron pan-will be fun to make cornbread in, and this peeps mold too-fun for pouring chocolates.
The day before my friend and I drove an hour away to a large city to do some errands, and we shopped in a couple quilting fabric stores. We found gorgeous fabric for her next quilt project.
and saturday afternoon my much awaited ordered book arrived. This was purchased as advice to do so to learn recipes of mordanting cottons for natural dyes. The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing by Liles. thank you so much for that-anxious to read this now

Friday, March 13, 2009

Making Pie Tonight

I decided to make up my Blueberry Cranberry Pie Tonight since I would be having the oven on for the meat loafs. This is one of my most favorite pies.

Brrrrr Still so Cold Here in the Ozarks

Still low 20s when we wake up here in the ozarks this week, they are promising the 70s will return on Monday-I am so ready for warm weather to just stay around for awhile. For some reason I have just been cold this winter.
Wanted to share my next quilting project-probably won't start on it til the summer, as hubby is on a mission to get more completed in our home which is a good thing-So I will be working on the bathroom project again as soon as it warms up.
My neighbor and friend down the road here and I discovered a new little quilt shop in town-very very tiny-but she carries quality quilt fabrics and over half the price. She can do this because these fabrics are not the latest and newest by moda and all those, but older prints-which is a nice thing for me as I can not afford on a regular basis quilt store prices at 7.00 and up a yard.
Anyways I went in the store mostly to find a couple more pieces that were outdoorsy and for guy quilts-I have 3 of those I would like to make this year for gifts. and I was on the lookout for fabrics that would blend in nicely with my shirtings.
Above pictures is what I found-and I place them on top of some shirting I might use. When I first bought the fabric I didn't know what I wanted to make so I bought 3 yards of the flowers and 2 yards of the cloud type fabric. When I got home I went thru some patterns I saved and also in books. and I decided on on Kansas Troubles a block that is in a book that my friend Kim gave me, and that she also made for her and renamed Buffalo Troubles.
I need to progress with my quilting so I decided on this block. Will use the shirtings for all those hsts. The name of my quilt will be Ozarks Troubles I did need to buy more fabric, and when we went back yesterday she had 3 yards left-lucky me!
Sorry I have not figured out how to put a link in here that you can use but here is a site with a view of the quilt block
I am off now to finish sewing up the binding on a quilt I am making for a neighbor

Enjoy your upcoming weekend

Friday, March 6, 2009

Gorgeous Day Today Here in the Ozarks

I am sure hoping spring is really just around the corner, it has been a long cold winter for me this year.
Woke up to 60 degrees early this morning, which is wonderful when you heat only with wood-don't have to wake up to the cold air in the house. I looked out our bay window and saw a lone deer browsing thru the back, just in front of the woods line, and just now a robin hopping around in the back yard. I also heard the peepers for the first time at the pond this morning before dawn. Love this time of year.
I have been working on quilts, a little bit of rocks in the shower (need to do more collecting of those) and researching the mordant process of cotton fabric for natural dyes.
I have learned quite a bit, now I am on the hunt for an out of print book.If anyone reading this should have a copy and no longer wants it, please contact me as I want to buy this book to use. Gill Dalby is the author published by ashill in 1985 Natural Dyes, Fast or Fugitive ISNB0948020008 please contact me privately.
I am really anxious to dye up some quilting fabric this year with found materials here in my woods.
that's it for now-I am off to my quilting project for now and then later a walk in the woods with my pets


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