Saturday, February 14, 2009

Back Working on Rock Shower

During the last couple days, I did finally start back on the last wall of my rock shower.
I so want to get our bathroom all finished by summers end-lots to do-and the rest of this room can not be started on til I finish up with rocks. Here is a couple pics.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Nice Day Today-found lots of shirts for my quilt fabric stash

A cool rainy day today, we spent the day visiting our favorite resale shops with our friend Sandy (she recently lost her husband to cancer) We also had a nice lunch, and caught up on life things, so was a very nice day.

I also hit the jackpot on finding big sales of the cotton shirts I have been looking for: I use lots of these for my quilting now. Most of them were .75 each or a dollar, and just a couple at 1.50. So I got these two giant bags stuffed full of "fabric" for 30 dollars-so I am happy happy-lol

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hump Day Handmade

On my main blog on Multiply, I decided to feature handmade on Wednesdays. There is a direct link to my blog their under my blog list. I decided today to post here as well.

Larrys putting rocks up in bedroom

Those of you that have been following me and my rock shower since yahoo 360 days are probably wondering if I ever got it finished. Since retirement I don't worry about the time factor any more-as when working for the phone company, every second of my time was accounted for.

I do have 2 walls completed, and I am anxious to get started back on it, hopefully by the end of this week as we will be having several days of warm weather. The bathroom is quite chilly, and during the colder months is really too cold in there to work. We do have a little propane wall heater that really heats up that room, but I don't want to spend money on the propane.

This past December when I really messed up my back again, I told Larry I thought it would be difficult for me now to set the big rocks in our bedroom. There are two very large walls around the woodstove, and we also want to set in large stone shelves to hold some of my cast iron collection. I have a very large collection and thought the pieces would look very cool there around the wood stove.

Our bedroom is going to look like a mountain man's cabin or at least a rustic late 1800s room when we get to finishing up the walls and stuff in there.

Anyways, since it has been a long cold winter here, and Larry has no heat yet in his shop, he has been setting rocks-and it's looking good. All these rocks we found in our woods here-they just lay on top of the surface, I always thought it would be a landscapers paradise here in our woods.

I think its looking good, only thing is I like to keep my rocks more clean-as if you don't get that mortar stuff off the same day, so hard to get off-but then I am not going to say a thing-lol

If I would say anything, he would tell me "now I am the one that taught you how to do this, remember" lol It is a good project in the house for him right now, as he is trying again to quit cigarettes for good again, and he is going thru a tough healing process with the loss of our friend.

What kind of projects have you been working on this winter-to keep from getting cabin fever?


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