Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Yeh!! I can actually see the end of machine quilting this morning.
Have you ever gotton into a project, and then about half way thru-just got overwhelmed and realized you had gotton in way above your comfort zone?
This is how this latest quilt has been, if I was not making this for a dear friend, I think this quilt would have ended up as a ufo for a very long time.
I have worked on this quilt every day since end of October,(took 10 days off for a break and holiday baking in december) the top went together really fast-the fastest I have ever made one-I used the original Turning Twenty pattern and really love this one. Then I thought I would jump in and do a stippling machine quilt on my sewing machine. This quilt turned out really big, and I had no clean floors to lay it out and mark lines-so I have been wanting to try this phase of quilting, so just did it.
It looked really awesome-but I have to tell you, if I ever try this again, I will definately be practicing for a much bigger quilt design. This is one project I just dreaded, did not enjoy, and almost thought of giving up quilting over this one.
However, I am surviving, and learning along the way. Number one is I won't do something like this again without first buying quality thread----I have always used Coats and Clark with no problems except for more lint. I used varigated thread and just had major tension problems thru out-most with the redish colors. Ok for smaller quilt project, but I don't think I will ever use this brand for machine quilting again. Any thoughts on this?
Anyways I am on my last long row now, started around 3 am this morning-cause I couldn't sleep. So want this done today-and I think I just might see the end.
Will post pictures later.


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