Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A few Photos-Finished up with Machine Quilting

Here are a just a couple of photos, the quilt measures 70" x 85", I don't have a clean floor right now to show the whole quilt. This was made with mostly cotton shirts, and fat quarters. The coffee cups was a gift fq I received from one of my blog friends a year ago-which was perfect to add as we shared alot of coffee with our friends that this quilt is for. I also added one fq with reindeer and snowflakes as the hopes was to have this to Ron before the holidays.
and as you can see a bit from the back-it looks pretty good, but had alot of tension problems with the thread I was using. after washed I think it will look fine
I have lots of basting stitches to get out today, and then the binding, sew on the label, and wash and dry and mail off hopefully by friday. This was made for our neighbor down the road Ron, who is fighting cancer. Him and his wife Sandy are staying at cancer treatment centers in Oklahoma. He is getting excellent treatment there.

Little mid morning update-wow! how sweet is this? I am catching a Bruce Springstein concert while working on getting all these basting stitches out.-Nice!


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