Monday, January 19, 2009

aviculture books for sale-from our former bird business, now retired

Bird Books for Sale

I still have a few books left from our bird business, now retired we are still downsizing our large home library.

I prefer payment with Paypal, will ship media mail (the cheapest for books-unless you want a faster service with USPS plus.75 per package for delivery confirmation; which will give us both a tracking number. I have also found the media mail seems to go thru a little faster with this added.

Please send me an email if interested-thanks so much

Psittaculture by Tony Silva $24.95

Finches and Soft Billed Birds by Bates and Busenbark 1970 hard cover-used copy-excellent reference $12.00

Lories and Lorikeets by Rosemary Low 1977 soft cover with protector, shop worn (ours) 8.00

A Guide to Australian Long and Broad Tailed Parrots and New Zealand Kakarikis 1990 by Australian Birdkeeper I have two copies of this excellent soft cover book. We sold many copies in this series, this is the last of them, new. $20.00 each

The Parrot in Health and Illness by Bonnie Munroe Doane 1991 hard cover signed $10.00

My Parrot My Friend by Bonnie Munroe Doane and Qualkinbush 1994 hard cover $10.00

The Handbook of Aviculture by Durrell first edition 1987 of UK hard cover rare book , new book but the paper cover has scuff marks $45.00 (sold for $90.00 plus)

The Quaker Parakeet Handbook by Theresa and Alan Jordan 1997 3rd edition by Jordan enterprises. This is spiral bound the cover pictures is a bit faded-an excellent book on these birds, rare find I have seen this priced from 10.00 a copy up to 50.00 a copy. I would like to find this excellent book a home- $10.00

Canary Breeding tips and tricks by Herma Osman paperback 1990 by Audubon this is another excellent book for breeders, sold several copies in our store. This one is new but does has one stain on the outside pages (when the book is closed can see it) $10.00 (sold for 20.00)

How to Photograph Birds by West and Ridi 1993 by Stackpole books 1st edition, soft cover, new $9.00 (sold for 16.95)

Pet Birds for the Home and Garden by Harper Tetra press 1986 hard cover, rubbing on removable cover $10.00 (sold for 25.00)

Eye of the Eagle by Nunn 1st edition hard cover by Lowell Press rubbings on removable cover, this is a “coffee table” book $10.00 (sold for 20.00) sold

The Wonder of Birds by Nat. Geog. 1983 1st edition hard cover another gorgeous “coffee table” book $10.00 (sold for 20.00) Sold

Colors of the Wild by Nat. Wildlife Fed. 1998 a little rubbing on removable cover-gorgeous “coffee table” book $10.00 Sold

From the wild by Christopher Hume this is portfolio of North America Finest Wildlife Artists 1987 published in Ontario gorgeous book oversized hardcover a little rubbing on the removable cover $10.00 (sold for 45.00) Sold

I also have 1st 2nd and 3rd editions of Parrots of the World, and I also have copies of the Australian Parrots by Forshaw email if interested in these

Thank you so much for looking at my books Kathyinozarks


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