Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dyeing Yardage for Curtains

I got my Dharma supplies, so sunday I did alot of dyeing. I did Larrys curtains in 2 gallon baggies-one panel in each. I get the best results of my hand dyes when I do them in baggies. I need to find if I can buy baggies up to 5 gallons-does anyone know of a source? The top picture are those-I love these-they have bits of green in them in the lighter areas.
In the tub I dyed panels for the patio doors in the dining area. I wasn't so sure about these-but they are going to work out fine, and Larry loves them-so they are a keeper.
The picture with the lighter tans and blue-were odds that I did, and will be used in my quilting projects
Today when I took our Nikita for a walk in the woods, I gathered lots of leaves that were in the process of changing colors to use as color guides. I want to make stamps out of them for the dining area curtains and paint them in with color.
I really enjoy the dyeing experience. Perhaps this could be a good direction for my etsy shop


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