Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today I dyed with Goldenrod

I have been wanting to play with natural dye stuffs, mordant and wool ever since I can remember. I have several books on the subject, and yesterday the beauty of all of the goldenrod was just calling to me. We live here in the woods, so the wild flowers etc are everywhere.
I have been so stressed over the financial crisis-all my retirement money is in the stock market, and the presidential race, etc, and I have been really sick with my allergies since friday-that I just decided to have fun and go for it.
I picked a bushel of goldenrod tops yesterday, and then looked for my big pots I have been saving, some wooded spoons, my alum, and my wool, and I needed some washing soda too since I was using purchased wool.
I just finished this up around 5 pm today, so it was an 8 hour plus day today, but the weather was gorgeous, and I had my dye pot on the open flame outside. So sharing the pictures. Yesterday I also gathered and hulled over a bushel of black walnuts, they are big and plentiful this year and we have two trees close to the house.


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