Friday, September 5, 2008

quilts finished

I am bringing this blog over from my multiply that I posted yesterday. This was such a drastic up and down day. I was so happy with the quilts, I got them all wraped in pretty paper and then found just the right box to send them off in. Was looking for the address and such.
Then around 2:30 in the afternoon yesterday we get this email from our friend and also someone we have done business with for the last 15 years or more. He has been managing the last of our Illinois property until he buys it from us. With the economy taking a plunge he has not been able to close the sale, and we really need this for retirement right now. These quilts I just hand quilted were made for his premie twin girls. So anyway we get this email from him that he is terminating all business dealings including managing the rentals and buying the property. He also includes this huge bill we owe him immediately for work we never authorized. He refuses all phone calls. this letter was dated over 3 weeks ago and just now sent. he did not provide us with any information as to who is in our houses etc. we live 8 hours away now, don't have dependable transportation any more for that kind of drive, and too in debt to rent a car-a big mind blower right now.
Needless to say we are both still in shock. One of my friends on multiply suggested to sell the quilts. I had never thought of that, so now I am thinking of trying out etsy. Does anyone have a clue as to a price? I was thinking of insuring them for 150.00 to 175.00 a piece. Is this too much? Ideas please
Below from Multiply blog.

I am so happy with these, and hope our friends will enjoy these. They are all wrapped and packed for the mail now. Now on to the rock shower.

For my network-more pictures in my quilts album

Update almost 3pm

I made these quilts for a friend and business person we have known and worked with for many years now.over 15 years

He bought half of our Illinois propery and last summer he told us he wanted to buy the rest which is all buildings and would also manage the property for us.

The economy is bad as we all know and the sale has not taken place,just lately we have not had good communication with them lately. We called last month to find out what is happening and got no real feedback. We just now got an email-an email-not a phone call-that our business dealings are cancelled as of Aug 31st-and the rentors have been told the same. Still in shock-our property is over 800 miles away, our transportation has over 400,000 miles on it-so needless to say-these beautiful quilts are not getting mailed. and we are scrambling on what to do. Unbelievable and these are good religious people-or so I thought


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