Friday, September 5, 2008

Creativity Sunday

Good Morning,
Definately the feel of fall approaching is here. Very cool mornings, and such, and the need to start cutting firewood for the wood stove is approaching fast.
If you have read my past blogs, you know we had quite a down moment of events this week. I am still not feeling "normal" and having a very difficult time getting focused and regrouping.
When this all happened last thursday afternoon, I need to get out some frustrations and helplessness-so I got out my fabric of beautiful flowers and the eifel tower that my friend Agnes in France had sent me on a trade last year.
I had been thinking of making this piece into a pillow, adding lots of embelishments.
I decided on needle felting some of it. So I found my needle felting needle, took out my beautiful bag of bright colored wool roving that I had bought at fiber fest this past spring-and started going at it.
Great therapy! I needled felted after the republican convention til about 1 am or so in the morning. Was feeling a bit better already. At least I was tired enough to sleep.
I have gone back to it a couple times now since then, and yesterday I added a few buttons as well.
I found some nice sites about needle felting to give you more insight on this fun craft and art form
a fun video here

There is just loads of info. on the web, so go browsing for more, I found lots more little videos and how tos.

I included pictures of my project so far. I am finding you can also needle felt onto cottons and other fabrics as well-just experiment and have fun with it. When I am finished with an area, I take it to the iron and steam both sides. I don't have money to buy all the kits and stuff out there, so I have purchased a couple of needles and I use a thick piece of styrofoam to punch into it, much cheaper.


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