Sunday, August 3, 2008

Update on my Rust Dye Project

I took a little video at the start of this project, so you can see what I did.

It is soooo hot here with the 86% plus humidity brings us up to 112 degrees heat index so far, and we are not even at the hottest part of the day yet-so I stopped this project around 3 this afternoon, and rinsed the pieces in salt water (1 tablespoon salt per gallon of water) and I am washing them now.

The pieces I really wanted to work-the flower fabric over the iron gate did not work, I don't think the gate was rusty enough and the fabric kept drying out on me. However the pieces under my work shop worked out really well, in the shade more and the items I used were more rusty so that is a key.

Tomorrow morning I will decide which pieces I want to re rust dye. One little bonus, I just used a couple plain white cotton or unbleached muslins and not thinking about it, (they were the last to go into the bucket of salt water)-they were the only pieces that picked up rust dye from the water-gave a nice look to them. I am wanting to do some kind of a dye project for the two windows in Larrys new room (his fun room) and this project today was to decide if I wanted to rust dye curtain panels or not. I will need to think on that as I think what would work out better is to find some really rusty wire or something like that to tie around the panels to create a pattern.

As soon as this video uploads I will work on uploading some pictures too. Please tell me what you think-well it has been over an hour and my video still did not upload so will try again later.


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