Sunday, August 3, 2008

I started-dyeing with rust

I was going to gather supplies this morning, while it is the coolest that it is gonna be, and then go over to my neighbor friend Sandy and rust dye tomorrow.
However, everything is heavy and just easier to run around outside and find rusty stuff. When you live on an old place in the woods-and your hubbys hobby is collecting old stuff and fixing it-well you get the picture-rust is everywhere-lol
I gathered up my pail and vinegar, and odds and ends of fabrics from my stash-cottons and a piece of leather to try also. some muslin but mostly printed cottons from recyclebles. I was getting ready to take pictures and my camera is out of juice-so when charged up and I have to go and re-dampen all the fabric later-I will load some pics.
I found an old rusty gate, some chain hanging on machine, some old farm stuff-etc.etc-so should be fun.

The method I used:

gather up fabrics and I am using one piece of leather scrap too
go around to where the rusty stuff is outside
saturate the fabrics in vinegar then squeeze most out
wrap around rusty stuff or lay on top-however you want to
I will go back thru out the day and keep fabrics moist with more vinegar
With the straight vinegar this process should take 24 hours-especially with
the extreme humidity and high temps we are have now.

will update later with pics too


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