Saturday, August 30, 2008

Doings and Quilts

Up way too early again this morning,(around 2 am) so doing laundry and finishing up the handwork on the second quilt. Will get them washed today too.Yeh!! Looking for a box and how to wrap them too.

Gustov arriving in the ozarks, and staying for a couple days. We are to get upwards to 7 inches of rain. The hard rain has not arrived yet, so may be off line from time to time when it does..


How nice the rains have dropped the temps here in the 60s-feels wonderful, still humidity-but much nicer finally and we do need the rain.

The quilts just came out of the wash-look wonderful-all my pencil and chalk lines came out. Now in the dryer-which is my biggest concern. Since I did a big no no-did not sample first-as this batting is nonprocessed organic cotton-I am worried about the amount of shrinkage. I have them on the delicate cycle and medium heat. I had washed them on the delicate cycle too which has a line dry feature, so these were more wet than usual.

I think I will check back in 10 minutes and see how they are, and may then drop to low heat. I am thinking also not to dry them all the way-but to finish them off hanging. I have one of those fold up wooden things to dry clothes on. Later-

Update on the Update

I am a happy camper-the quilts turned out gorgeous coming out of the dryer. My best work so far. I left them damp and will finish up with hang drying. I measured them before and after. so far shrunk 1/4" both ways-so don't think that is too bad


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