Sunday, August 17, 2008

Catching Up

I have been busy still hand quilting the second baby quilt for the twins this past week. I have put a deadline for myself-to be finshed this month for sure.
The rock shower and bathroom project are calling me, where did the summer go? Since I retired-the days are just flying by way too fast.
This weekend a friend of ours stopped by with a huge box of granny smith type apples. This morning we will pick a few more of a different variety that he has-as will make a nicer pie.
So I have been freezing for pies, dehydrating, and making apple brandy too. Along with really enjoying the Olympics this year-and I got to watch my favorite Brett Favre play for his new team the Jets on the NFL channel last night-thank you NFL for broadcasting the game-I figured living here in Missouri I would not get to watch him play much-hopefully they will broadcast more games.
I am off to hand quilt a bit before picking apples-have a great week everyone


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