Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Update on the Twins Quilt Project

I didn't think I would ever get this section completed, but I finally did this afternoon. Will figure out the borders tomorrow. This is the second quilt, I have been working on since spring. I am a new handquilter, so hadn't realized all the time involved on such a small project.
Part of the problem though, has been working with this organic cotton batting. For my new readers, my friend Sandy and I picked up two bales of non processed organic cotton batting, that we paid barely nothing for, when Sandy bought the used Gammil. We are realizing that this is almost impossible to hand quilt if we get it too thick. This is barely put together in thick layers about 4 inches thick, and then we have to pull if off in layers as best we can. It feels soooo soft, and I do love the antique look this has.


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