Thursday, July 3, 2008

2nd Shower Wall Completed-Finally!! and a Great Find

Isn't this piece just fantastic! I fell in love with this gorgeous vintage linen. It is on my blue trunk now with Sandy's crochet piece in the middle. I found it at the resale shop for around 1.50 so had to rescue it and find it a home.

And yesterday afternoon-I finally found the rock I was looking for and was able to complete this wall. My neck is "killing me" big time-but it is done So doing the happy dance!!

That big white rock on the left has texture and personality and compliments Jacquis big red lava rock on the right. It really turned out different than what I was looking for-but I like it. I was getting down to rocks being all the same shades of color and textures, so hope this top 1/4 of the wall doesn't look too much the same.

I have a major sinus headache today-the kind that makes you feel sick-but don't want to just lay around doing nothing today-so am doing some laundry and washing and pressing some new fabric I bought-also at the resale shop in a big bag for 3.00. so I did good. I also got 3 new pairs like new jean overalls for a dollar each-Cool!


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