Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Long Day with the Rocks Today

I am soooo close to finishing my second shower wall, but I have already put in an 8 hour day on this project-and with my neck and shoulder screaming I better listen and stop and clean up-lol

I needed a break first so thought I would write a bit-as today turned out special for me. I have been in a puzzlement on this one section-just can't get the right rock. The other night I stayed up an hour and worked up where 5 would go, so those went in place real easy, but this other section was just difficult for some reason. I ended up putting a rock in place up by the ceiling and then I had a hole I needed to fill. I don't usually work it that way-but it just turned out this way today.

I can't believe it but I spent 2 hours looking thru rocks, and then I went outside near the house and looked thru more rocks-nothing worked. So, I am thinking this spot must need something special-so I looked thru drawers in my craft room-no buttons are not it-no that's not it-then in the last drawer-I spotted it. I still had some of the shells my father had collected on the beach in Florida. I hadn't looked at these in years-He had a heart attack while on vacation there 25 years ago-and died. It was awful for my Mom, it happened on Good Friday, and my office was in overtime so could not get permission to leave (worked for Ma Bell) but my brother was able to fly down and be with her. Anyways-I spotted the perfect shell for this spot, and just to the right of it-was a spot for a large snail rock-which after I put it in place, I realized it matched perfectly with the baby snail shell I had just put in place from Deb in NC.

Looking at it now-it just all came together so nicely-and along with rocks from friends, some from my Grandpa's farm, and all the ones I spent hours collecting-I now have something in place from my father. Just hit me as all so special for me. Sorry,I guess I am just a sentimentalist but had to share.


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