Friday, June 27, 2008

Doings Here and Happy Friday

Woke up with allergy issues again, so slow moving today. Called my mom (she lives in Indiana) and talked for a couple hours. Still kinda lazy feeling, so went out to the barn and brought in a bunch more vintage kitchen wares to go thru,

I found two white enamelware kettles with spouts-probably used to heat water in. so cleaned those up to put on display somewheres. Now I have a big box of more cake pans, pie pans, kitchen fun gadgets, etc to decide if I am keeping or selling. This is alot of fun to go thru, as Larry and I always have had fun finding these items at garage sales.

I have always been a country girl at heart and while growing up as a child-visits to one of my grandparents was on their farm. I have really decided to go thru all my vintage stuff and what is good to still use-is getting cleaned up and being accessible to use in my kitchen. alot of the old cookie sheets after cleaned up, I just line with parchment paper so I can use them. and a homemade berry pie tastes so good coming out of a vintage pie pan.

I know I am truely old fashioned-always have been, but with the way the economy is, and with most new items coming from China-I am going to use what I have. I want real stuff that was made to last. I always had the feeling my past life was in the late 17th century or early 18th century, and I used to fantasize about living in a little log cabin in the woods.

Well we made our goal to move into the woods, and sometimes thru the course of life happenings we lose perspective. I am back on it again-live simpler, do with what we have if at all possible, do with less "new" gadgets like fancy cell phones, and electonics that really are not needed.-could not give up my computer-though-this is my lifeline to the outside world. lol

well enough rambling, and I think you my friends know what I am trying to say.

We have big big storms coming Again-so will be unplugging computer and tv soon.

Enjoy your day-hugs from the ozarks


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