Friday, June 27, 2008

Doings Here and Happy Friday

Woke up with allergy issues again, so slow moving today. Called my mom (she lives in Indiana) and talked for a couple hours. Still kinda lazy feeling, so went out to the barn and brought in a bunch more vintage kitchen wares to go thru,

I found two white enamelware kettles with spouts-probably used to heat water in. so cleaned those up to put on display somewheres. Now I have a big box of more cake pans, pie pans, kitchen fun gadgets, etc to decide if I am keeping or selling. This is alot of fun to go thru, as Larry and I always have had fun finding these items at garage sales.

I have always been a country girl at heart and while growing up as a child-visits to one of my grandparents was on their farm. I have really decided to go thru all my vintage stuff and what is good to still use-is getting cleaned up and being accessible to use in my kitchen. alot of the old cookie sheets after cleaned up, I just line with parchment paper so I can use them. and a homemade berry pie tastes so good coming out of a vintage pie pan.

I know I am truely old fashioned-always have been, but with the way the economy is, and with most new items coming from China-I am going to use what I have. I want real stuff that was made to last. I always had the feeling my past life was in the late 17th century or early 18th century, and I used to fantasize about living in a little log cabin in the woods.

Well we made our goal to move into the woods, and sometimes thru the course of life happenings we lose perspective. I am back on it again-live simpler, do with what we have if at all possible, do with less "new" gadgets like fancy cell phones, and electonics that really are not needed.-could not give up my computer-though-this is my lifeline to the outside world. lol

well enough rambling, and I think you my friends know what I am trying to say.

We have big big storms coming Again-so will be unplugging computer and tv soon.

Enjoy your day-hugs from the ozarks

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Long Day with the Rocks Today

I am soooo close to finishing my second shower wall, but I have already put in an 8 hour day on this project-and with my neck and shoulder screaming I better listen and stop and clean up-lol

I needed a break first so thought I would write a bit-as today turned out special for me. I have been in a puzzlement on this one section-just can't get the right rock. The other night I stayed up an hour and worked up where 5 would go, so those went in place real easy, but this other section was just difficult for some reason. I ended up putting a rock in place up by the ceiling and then I had a hole I needed to fill. I don't usually work it that way-but it just turned out this way today.

I can't believe it but I spent 2 hours looking thru rocks, and then I went outside near the house and looked thru more rocks-nothing worked. So, I am thinking this spot must need something special-so I looked thru drawers in my craft room-no buttons are not it-no that's not it-then in the last drawer-I spotted it. I still had some of the shells my father had collected on the beach in Florida. I hadn't looked at these in years-He had a heart attack while on vacation there 25 years ago-and died. It was awful for my Mom, it happened on Good Friday, and my office was in overtime so could not get permission to leave (worked for Ma Bell) but my brother was able to fly down and be with her. Anyways-I spotted the perfect shell for this spot, and just to the right of it-was a spot for a large snail rock-which after I put it in place, I realized it matched perfectly with the baby snail shell I had just put in place from Deb in NC.

Looking at it now-it just all came together so nicely-and along with rocks from friends, some from my Grandpa's farm, and all the ones I spent hours collecting-I now have something in place from my father. Just hit me as all so special for me. Sorry,I guess I am just a sentimentalist but had to share.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Reflections in back pond

Check previous blog also, these pictures have such a high resolution, can only upload a few per blog

reflections in back pond

Larry took these pictures of our "back" pond, mostly used for the wildlife and does have a few fish also. These refections he captured are so awesome. I could only post two at a time so will post two more next blog

Bubbles on the lotus pads

I took these pictures this week and was intrigued by all the bubbles on all the pads. If you look closely on the rock are two baby frogs if you blow up the pictures to make larger-much better view

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Creativity Sunday

I just got my new magazine Cloth Paper Scissors and as always have read from cover to cover already. For me this is a very pricey magazine, but whenver I can get a discount on it for a year I subscribe as it is full of ideas.
I don't journal except for my blog. I can't remember ever starting a diary and sticking with it, I may have tried once when I was really young. I know alot of you do journal, so I wanted to feature this artist I just read about.

Her site is so do check her out. What intrigued me was her latest work.
Here is an excerpt that brought this project about copied from her page and same information is also in this magazine article


I've kept written diaries since 1975, starting in high school. They're my records of thoughts, factoids, and personal dramas, and doodles.

One of these diaries was lost in 1986. I was heartbroken about it and put up “lost diary” notices all over the RISD and Brown campuses in Providence, as you'd do for a beloved pet. As weeks and then months passed I assumed I'd never see it again, but through an unknown series of events this journal was returned to me by a stranger fourteen years later, on Christmas eve, 2000.

I came home from an annual party on Christmas eve and there was a message on the machine, saying, "If this is Jessica Deane Rosner, I have something you want."

I said to my husband, "There is only one thing that I know of that has been lost that I would want, and that would be my diary."

Then we played phone tag for the next few days. Finally I reached the man and asked him what the item was, he briefly told me, took my address, and then mailed it to me, from Boston. All the while I worried that it would get lost in the mail.

I know the diary was passed from person to person, going all the way from Providence, RI to Toronto, Canada through a network of art students. I know this because tucked in the front were bits of paper with names and addresses that were not mine.

When the lost diary was found I wanted to use it as a catalyst for drawings that would allow me to use all of the motifs I've explored for the past two and a half decades.

With that idea I began the Diary Project. I'm using a copy of each page of the diary as the foundation for new drawings, which portray a visual stream of consciousness. It's been a journey backwards and it's often painful to read my words again because they sound so immature but it's encouraging to have a chance to recreate my past into a more mature work and I hope, person.

The Diary Project was exhibited as a Work-in-Progress at the David Winton Bell Gallery of Brown University. My goal is to finish it by the end of 2007. The Diary Project is two-thirds done. There will be about 70 pages when it is completed.

Her new pages are wonderful-so do pick up the magazine or go to her blog to view.

Just wanted to share

Friday, June 20, 2008


I have just added to my blog list a couple very cool and very informative quilters blogs. Check them out when you have time-when you can find them, these artists blogs are so fanastic for learning

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

chicken tuesdays

Chicken and Herbs

I love to use fresh rosemary sprigs, thyme, a little sage, sometimes a little fresh mint. I also love lemon pepper-one with no salt added. sometimes I like to sprinkle olive oil well on the outside of a whole chicken and then rub in smoked paprika.

What herbs do you like with your chicken?

Baked Chicken with Herbs, Garlic & Shallots
by Abigail Johnson Dodge

This recipe is very similar to one my mother often cooked when I was growing up; now it's a staple of my weeknight dinner repertoire. Vary the herbs as you like, but stick to the hardy ones—thyme, rosemary, sage, and oregano. They'll roast without burning and have a stronger flavor.Serves four.

1 chicken (3-1/2 to 4 lb.), cut into quarters
3 Tbs. unsalted butter
6 medium shallots, cut in half and peeled
8 large garlic cloves, peeled
Leaves stripped from 10 sprigs fresh thyme
Leaves stripped from 8 sprigs fresh rosemary
1-1/2 tsp. coarse salt
Freshly ground black pepper

how to make

Heat the oven to 425°F. Rinse the chicken and pat it dry with paper towels. Cut away any excess fat and tuck the wings behind each breast.

Put the butter into a large, shallow baking pan (the 10-1/2x15-1/2-inch Pyrex pan is ideal for this). Put the pan into the oven while it's heating. When the butter is melted (about 10 min.), remove the pan and set it on a heatproof surface or on a couple of potholders. Add the shallots, garlic, thyme, and rosemary, and swirl the pan to coat the ingredients in the butter.

Dredge the chicken, skin side down, in the butter and herb mixture, and arrange, skin side up, in the pan. Sprinkle the chicken generously with the salt and pepper. Bake until the chicken is browned and cooked through, 50 to 60 min. Serve with the shallots and garlic along with a drizzle of the pan drippings.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Going the other direction-quilting

a couple photos-unusual bird at the feeder, quilting

About 4 this afternoon the rains and thunder finally stopped after giving us 4 to 5 inches of new rain in 12 hours-I think we have had enough rain for awhile-again-lol
We got a big surprise yesterday afternoon while bird watching looking out our windows. Pheasants are not here in the wild this far south in Missouri-or are they?? this beautiful guy must have escaped from someones farm. This was indeed a surprise as Larry always hunted pheasants when we lived in Illinois-good eats!

Today I decided to work as long as it took to get the quilting finished going one direction on the 2nd twins quilt. Taking little breaks thru out the day-I did get it finished, and started also going the opposite direction. When finished will look like 1/2" little diamonds. will also do a little quilting in the borders-and then the binding and labels for both quilts. I so want this project finished before July.

Hope none of you are in floods way-alot of us got way too much rain and storms this week-enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How fun a giveaway
stop by at the above addy and enter for a chance to win beautiful green fabric at her giveaway-I heard about this from my friend Kim in NJ

a little politics

I really don't like to get into politics, but this as an email I received today. It opened my eyes, so I need to do more research on the two presidential candidates.

I have not been happy with either candidate, in fact I really thought Mccain was a bad choice for the Republican party-but after reading this-perhaps not.

McCain's Better Half & Kids

Election 2008: Cindy Hensley McCain has been disparaged as a trophy wife, a Barbie, an heiress with fancy purses, even the Paris Hilton of politics. But there's MORE to the picture than meets the eye.


Read More: Election 2008


Yes, Mrs. McCain is the perfectly coifed blonde standing dutifully behind the senator during his speeches. And yes, she wears stylish clothing and carries a Prada purse. And it's true she doesn't say much. But feminist critics who write her off as a 'stand-by-your-man' shrinking violet are selling her short. In many ways, Cindy McCain stacks up sturdier than Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama. And she'd make a more impressive first lady.

Mrs. McCain: MORE than meets the eye.

While Obama's wife has been hating America, complaining about the war and undermining our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, McCain's wife has been worrying about her sons who actually are fighting or planning to fight in the war on terror. One, in fact, was until a few months ago deployed in Iraq during some of the worst violence.

You don't hear the McCains talk about it, but their 19-year-old Marine, Jimmy, is preparing for his 'second' tour of duty. Their 21-year-old son, Jack, is poised to graduate from Annapolis and also could join the Marines as a second lieutenant. The couple made the decision not to draw attention to their sons out of 'respect for other families' with sons and daughters in harm's way.

Cindy also says she doesn't want to risk falling apart on the campaign trail talking about Jimmy — who was so young when he enlisted she had to sign consent forms for his medical tests before he could report for duty — and potentially upsetting parents of soldiers who are serving or have been killed.

The McCains want to make sure their boys get no special treatment. Same goes for their five other children, including a daughter they adopted from Bangladesh. During a visit to Mother Teresa's orphanage there, Cindy noticed a dying baby. The orphanage could not provide the medical care needed to save her life. So she brought the child home to America for the surgery she desperately needed. The baby is now their healthy, 16-year-old daughter, Bridget.

Though all seven McCain children — including two Sen. McCain adopted from his first marriage — are supportive of their father, they prefer their privacy to the glare of the campaign trail. Another daughter, Meghan, 23, helps him behind the scenes.

Cindy McCain not only cherishes her children, but also her country, which in an election year filled with America-bashing, is a refreshing novelty. She seethed when she heard Michelle Obama's unpatriotic remarks that she only recently grew proud of America. 'I am very proud of my country,' Mrs. McCain asserted.

She also may be tougher than the other women in the race. While Hillary thinks she's come under sniper fire on mission trips abroad, Cindy has actually seen violence. She witnessed a boy get blown up by a mine in Kuwait during a trip with an international group that removes land mines from war-torn countries.

Mrs. McCain also is a hands-on philanthropist. She sits on the board of Operation Smile, which arranges for plastic surgeons to fix cleft palates and other birth defects. She also has helped organize 'relief missions' to Micronesia.

During a scuba-diving vacation to the islands, Mrs. McCain took a friend to a local hospital to have a cut treated. She was shocked, and saddened, by what she saw.

'They opened the door to the OR, where the supplies were, and there were two cats and a whole bunch of rats climbing out of the sterile supplies,' she recalled. 'They had no X-ray machine, no beds. To me, it was devastating because it was a U.S. trust territory.'

As soon as she returned home, she arranged for medical equipment and teams of doctors to be sent to treat the island children.

Michelle Obama may contribute to CARE, which fights global poverty and works to empower poor women. Cindy sits on its board.

While the Democrat women talk about helping the poor and needy, Cindy McCain actually rolls up her sleeves and does it. Who's the out-of-touch elitist?


and if you click on the link above in the story, here is one of the articles you will get

Real Differences
By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Monday, June 09, 2008 4:20 PM PT

Election '08: The media claim John McCain and Barack Obama share "surprising policy overlaps" and "common ground," separated by a mere "stylistic gulf." It's a laughable attempt to mask Obama's radicalism.


Read More: Election 2008


This year's election for president is no repeat of the 1960 matchup of Richard Nixon vs. John F. Kennedy; 1972's Nixon vs. the far-left George McGovern would be a far more appropriate analogy.

No one could imagine Sen. Barack Obama outhawking his GOP opponent by warning, as JFK did on the campaign trail 48 years ago, that "we are rapidly approaching the point where we will be unable to act as equals at the bargaining table" with America's enemies. The bargaining table is where Obama believes his greatest accomplishments will come.

But the media establishment would have us believe that Sen. John McCain and his Democratic foe are really not so different from one another — two admirable pols with different packaging.

Last weekend, a Los Angeles Times editorial wondered if the surprising nominations of the two suggested that "something like a national consensus is developing."

It contended: "they don't differ much in their ideas about how best to protect the country" and share "common ground even in areas of opposition." The paper's conclusion: "Some might complain that this means voters will have little to choose between in November. We say: Welcome to the middle, candidates."

In a similar vein, the Washington-based Politico tabloid caricatured the two prospective nominees as a sort of political Oscar and Felix — "the Odd Candidates" — separated mainly by their very different styles. Obama and McCain are "well-cast foes, cutting distinctions on presentation, personality and personal image. One is the master of the arena rally, the other the town hall . . . both claim to be straight-talking and reform-minded, and both are occasionally self-deprecating."

What a disservice to American voters. The notion that there's "little to choose between in November" is outlandish. In fact, this may be the most consequential election ever.

In the midst of a global war on terror, this is no time to revive the na├»ve foreign policy of Jimmy Carter by having a president sit down with thugs ranging from Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to Cuba's Raul Castro, to North Korea's Kim Jong Il — then, like Carter, being shocked when they lie to him.

This time, the consequences of believing our enemies' lies go beyond invasions and coups on the other side of the world; America is faced with the real threat of nuclear terrorism and future 9/11s.

Unlike Sen. Obama and almost every other Democrat, Sen. McCain supported the surge strategy that turned things around in Iraq; by contrast, instead of completing a hard-fought victory, the unwaveringly anti-war Obama wants to withdraw prematurely.

As for fiscal policy, the nonpartisan National Taxpayers Union's comparison of the candidates' spending plans shows McCain, who has crusaded against the corrupt practice of congressional earmarks, proposing less than $70 billion in new spending annually, while Sen. Obama wants $344 billion each year. Big difference.

Sen. McCain has called for preventing President Bush's tax cuts from expiring; Sen. Obama wants higher taxes on income, Social Security and capital gains.

In comparison with McCain, Obama opposes free-trade measures that create millions of U.S. jobs, like NAFTA and CAFTA.

Wartime is no time for a frivolous journalistic focus on superficial matters of style. We are in an era in which substance has life-or-death consequences. The difference is real, and so is the choice you will make in November.

I definately need to do more homework on these two candidates before november. This is the second article I have read now that Obama wants to raise taxes on us retired folks-our capital gains (my retirement investments), my s/s, and my income-I am poor enough as it is-don't need taxes on this too.

Monday, June 9, 2008

New editions to my craft room

Larry made and put up the cherry trim around my 3 big windows. We also hung the roman shades too.

I also traded some beads, vintage buttons, etc. for art work from my friend Aggie in Paris France. The hollyhock one, my favorite, I need to re do as the glass is very dirty I see now, and also some dust got on the matting.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My rock shower

Above pictures is the latest in my rock shower project-love it so far. This has been an ongoing project for over a year now. I took a break from it this past winter due to high propane costs-so too cold to set rocks without heat. I also got myself into a couple quilting projects and didn't get back on this til now.
I really really want our bathroom completed by fall-so gotta get a move on.

Good evening,

I may try this for a blog from time to time. For some reason the set up of this one is not easy for me.
I also miss not having my friends close by here, or maybe I just don't know how to set this all up.
This is mostly so I can keep in touch with a dear 360 friend of mine-and also to put all my favorite blogger blogs in one spot-which is a wonderful feature here.
I blog daily on my multiply blog which is here
I think I will put in all my creativity doings here-rock shower, quilting, etc


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