Saturday, December 6, 2008

wow I haven't posted here in a bit

I am mostly on multiply-check my blog list for link right to me-updated every day-so thought I would pop in tonight and catch up on some of my friends posts
I wanted to share a new blogger and quilt pattern designer-Cindy her patterns are fabulous-tell her I sent you. I also just put her link in my blog list-Quilts from Seatle
cold here in the ozarks this week so the woodstoves are glowing. Been working on my fabric christmas postcards this week, and started on my holiday goodies as well.
will update with pictures when my latest project is finished and delivered.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dyeing Yardage for Curtains

I got my Dharma supplies, so sunday I did alot of dyeing. I did Larrys curtains in 2 gallon baggies-one panel in each. I get the best results of my hand dyes when I do them in baggies. I need to find if I can buy baggies up to 5 gallons-does anyone know of a source? The top picture are those-I love these-they have bits of green in them in the lighter areas.
In the tub I dyed panels for the patio doors in the dining area. I wasn't so sure about these-but they are going to work out fine, and Larry loves them-so they are a keeper.
The picture with the lighter tans and blue-were odds that I did, and will be used in my quilting projects
Today when I took our Nikita for a walk in the woods, I gathered lots of leaves that were in the process of changing colors to use as color guides. I want to make stamps out of them for the dining area curtains and paint them in with color.
I really enjoy the dyeing experience. Perhaps this could be a good direction for my etsy shop

Friday, October 3, 2008

3rd Day in the Dye Pot

Yesterday morning, my dye pot still had alot of yellow in it, so I picked a few more marigold flowers and tossed them in, and brought it back up to temperature.
I found a cone of white mohair which I wound half off, and I found a small cone of varigated brown and white wool. So after the mordant bath in the dye pot they went.
I didn't even strain out the flowers this time-which I probably should have done as they are pretty embedded in the mohair-but they should come out fairly well when dry.
The mohair has a lovely soft yellow to it, and the varigated is much more to my liking.
This was a fabulous project and will really get into it more next year. Things I learned was to spend a day and mordant up a bunch one day-and they dye the next day.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

a Little More out of Dye Pot

I had read that one can dye alot of wool with the goldenrod, so I saved what I had, and yesterday I added two gallons of water to it, I collected another 1/2 bucket of fresh goldenrod flowers, and I also added in a few deep colored marigolds-flowers only.
I did another alum batch of wool-this time with the recyled wools I have been buying from resale shops-already taken apart and washed in hot water.
These pictures are the results-Love these results as well, this wool will be used in wool applique projects or rug hooking each picture shows before and after the dye bath-I saved out one piece not dyed

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today I dyed with Goldenrod

I have been wanting to play with natural dye stuffs, mordant and wool ever since I can remember. I have several books on the subject, and yesterday the beauty of all of the goldenrod was just calling to me. We live here in the woods, so the wild flowers etc are everywhere.
I have been so stressed over the financial crisis-all my retirement money is in the stock market, and the presidential race, etc, and I have been really sick with my allergies since friday-that I just decided to have fun and go for it.
I picked a bushel of goldenrod tops yesterday, and then looked for my big pots I have been saving, some wooded spoons, my alum, and my wool, and I needed some washing soda too since I was using purchased wool.
I just finished this up around 5 pm today, so it was an 8 hour plus day today, but the weather was gorgeous, and I had my dye pot on the open flame outside. So sharing the pictures. Yesterday I also gathered and hulled over a bushel of black walnuts, they are big and plentiful this year and we have two trees close to the house.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Pillow is Finished and now on Etsy

I am really happy with my pillow-titled I love Paris, it is embelished with needle felting, new and vintage buttons, and quilted with gold metallic thread. The back of the pillow is made from my own hand dye Kona cotton.
I just started my etsy shop, and the suggestion of my long time blog friend from Paris France. She sent me this beautiful fabric.

Visit me here

Friday, September 5, 2008

quilts finished

I am bringing this blog over from my multiply that I posted yesterday. This was such a drastic up and down day. I was so happy with the quilts, I got them all wraped in pretty paper and then found just the right box to send them off in. Was looking for the address and such.
Then around 2:30 in the afternoon yesterday we get this email from our friend and also someone we have done business with for the last 15 years or more. He has been managing the last of our Illinois property until he buys it from us. With the economy taking a plunge he has not been able to close the sale, and we really need this for retirement right now. These quilts I just hand quilted were made for his premie twin girls. So anyway we get this email from him that he is terminating all business dealings including managing the rentals and buying the property. He also includes this huge bill we owe him immediately for work we never authorized. He refuses all phone calls. this letter was dated over 3 weeks ago and just now sent. he did not provide us with any information as to who is in our houses etc. we live 8 hours away now, don't have dependable transportation any more for that kind of drive, and too in debt to rent a car-a big mind blower right now.
Needless to say we are both still in shock. One of my friends on multiply suggested to sell the quilts. I had never thought of that, so now I am thinking of trying out etsy. Does anyone have a clue as to a price? I was thinking of insuring them for 150.00 to 175.00 a piece. Is this too much? Ideas please
Below from Multiply blog.

I am so happy with these, and hope our friends will enjoy these. They are all wrapped and packed for the mail now. Now on to the rock shower.

For my network-more pictures in my quilts album

Update almost 3pm

I made these quilts for a friend and business person we have known and worked with for many years now.over 15 years

He bought half of our Illinois propery and last summer he told us he wanted to buy the rest which is all buildings and would also manage the property for us.

The economy is bad as we all know and the sale has not taken place,just lately we have not had good communication with them lately. We called last month to find out what is happening and got no real feedback. We just now got an email-an email-not a phone call-that our business dealings are cancelled as of Aug 31st-and the rentors have been told the same. Still in shock-our property is over 800 miles away, our transportation has over 400,000 miles on it-so needless to say-these beautiful quilts are not getting mailed. and we are scrambling on what to do. Unbelievable and these are good religious people-or so I thought

Creativity Sunday

Good Morning,
Definately the feel of fall approaching is here. Very cool mornings, and such, and the need to start cutting firewood for the wood stove is approaching fast.
If you have read my past blogs, you know we had quite a down moment of events this week. I am still not feeling "normal" and having a very difficult time getting focused and regrouping.
When this all happened last thursday afternoon, I need to get out some frustrations and helplessness-so I got out my fabric of beautiful flowers and the eifel tower that my friend Agnes in France had sent me on a trade last year.
I had been thinking of making this piece into a pillow, adding lots of embelishments.
I decided on needle felting some of it. So I found my needle felting needle, took out my beautiful bag of bright colored wool roving that I had bought at fiber fest this past spring-and started going at it.
Great therapy! I needled felted after the republican convention til about 1 am or so in the morning. Was feeling a bit better already. At least I was tired enough to sleep.
I have gone back to it a couple times now since then, and yesterday I added a few buttons as well.
I found some nice sites about needle felting to give you more insight on this fun craft and art form
a fun video here

There is just loads of info. on the web, so go browsing for more, I found lots more little videos and how tos.

I included pictures of my project so far. I am finding you can also needle felt onto cottons and other fabrics as well-just experiment and have fun with it. When I am finished with an area, I take it to the iron and steam both sides. I don't have money to buy all the kits and stuff out there, so I have purchased a couple of needles and I use a thick piece of styrofoam to punch into it, much cheaper.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Doings and Quilts

Up way too early again this morning,(around 2 am) so doing laundry and finishing up the handwork on the second quilt. Will get them washed today too.Yeh!! Looking for a box and how to wrap them too.

Gustov arriving in the ozarks, and staying for a couple days. We are to get upwards to 7 inches of rain. The hard rain has not arrived yet, so may be off line from time to time when it does..


How nice the rains have dropped the temps here in the 60s-feels wonderful, still humidity-but much nicer finally and we do need the rain.

The quilts just came out of the wash-look wonderful-all my pencil and chalk lines came out. Now in the dryer-which is my biggest concern. Since I did a big no no-did not sample first-as this batting is nonprocessed organic cotton-I am worried about the amount of shrinkage. I have them on the delicate cycle and medium heat. I had washed them on the delicate cycle too which has a line dry feature, so these were more wet than usual.

I think I will check back in 10 minutes and see how they are, and may then drop to low heat. I am thinking also not to dry them all the way-but to finish them off hanging. I have one of those fold up wooden things to dry clothes on. Later-

Update on the Update

I am a happy camper-the quilts turned out gorgeous coming out of the dryer. My best work so far. I left them damp and will finish up with hang drying. I measured them before and after. so far shrunk 1/4" both ways-so don't think that is too bad

Happy Dancing-Twins Quilts-finally Quilted

I am taking a short break and then off to make binding-and bind

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Picture of my Apple Project

Just finished up with this big bowl of apple slices(I sprinkled them with raw cane organic sugar and Splenda, a bag of dehydrated apples sprinkled with cinnamon came out of the dehydrator, and I need to wrap up these pies for Glenn Glenn is our neighbor-sharing the harvest.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Catching Up

I have been busy still hand quilting the second baby quilt for the twins this past week. I have put a deadline for myself-to be finshed this month for sure.
The rock shower and bathroom project are calling me, where did the summer go? Since I retired-the days are just flying by way too fast.
This weekend a friend of ours stopped by with a huge box of granny smith type apples. This morning we will pick a few more of a different variety that he has-as will make a nicer pie.
So I have been freezing for pies, dehydrating, and making apple brandy too. Along with really enjoying the Olympics this year-and I got to watch my favorite Brett Favre play for his new team the Jets on the NFL channel last night-thank you NFL for broadcasting the game-I figured living here in Missouri I would not get to watch him play much-hopefully they will broadcast more games.
I am off to hand quilt a bit before picking apples-have a great week everyone

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008

I won a book-how fun is this???

How fun is this?? I am one of those that never wins anything-

From Needle n' thread the author has been holding drawings to give away some cool items in her stash This week it was-- "The book featured this week is called Blue Ribbon Quilts by Linda Causee and Rita Weiss. If you like quilting, methinks you might like the book! They're both brand-spanking new."

and in my mail box this morning "The first name I drew was Kathy in the Ozarks"

So needless to say-I am doing the happy dance this morning

I completed one of the borders on baby quilt

I completed one of the short borders this week.

I decided to follow the lines of the print as not to distract from it by adding another design on top of it. I also had thought of doing little squares instead of little diamonds-and I decided on this-to be a more enjoyable experience.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Update on my Rust Dye Project

I took a little video at the start of this project, so you can see what I did.

It is soooo hot here with the 86% plus humidity brings us up to 112 degrees heat index so far, and we are not even at the hottest part of the day yet-so I stopped this project around 3 this afternoon, and rinsed the pieces in salt water (1 tablespoon salt per gallon of water) and I am washing them now.

The pieces I really wanted to work-the flower fabric over the iron gate did not work, I don't think the gate was rusty enough and the fabric kept drying out on me. However the pieces under my work shop worked out really well, in the shade more and the items I used were more rusty so that is a key.

Tomorrow morning I will decide which pieces I want to re rust dye. One little bonus, I just used a couple plain white cotton or unbleached muslins and not thinking about it, (they were the last to go into the bucket of salt water)-they were the only pieces that picked up rust dye from the water-gave a nice look to them. I am wanting to do some kind of a dye project for the two windows in Larrys new room (his fun room) and this project today was to decide if I wanted to rust dye curtain panels or not. I will need to think on that as I think what would work out better is to find some really rusty wire or something like that to tie around the panels to create a pattern.

As soon as this video uploads I will work on uploading some pictures too. Please tell me what you think-well it has been over an hour and my video still did not upload so will try again later.

rust dye pictures

after another two hours my video still won't load-you can connect to my multiply under my blog list and see it there.

Rust Dye-a Closer View

For some reason my writings about these pictures are not showing up.

The white pieces are all from recycled white shirts-100% cotton. The black rose piece was curtain material.
The white pieces will be a great start for landscape pieces. and the black rose one is very neat-need to thing about this one.


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